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Big Bass Bonanza

To go to the demo version of Big Bass Bonanza you do not even need to register and put money on your balance. Just go to the website of an online club that has the demo version of the machine you want. Most casinos and software companies give the opportunity to play in demo mode, this will give players to understand whether they like everything in the institution before moving to real money. There are several game steps by which you can quickly move on to playing the Big Bass Bonanza demo:

  • First you need to find an online casino or portal that offers Pragmatic Play's demo mode;
  • Now you need to register on the site if necessary, but many sites give you the option to play without creating a profile;
  • In the search bar write "Big Bass Bonanza" and open the game;
  • Now select "demo mode" or "free play" if the option is available;
  • Launch the free slots game and try to see if it suits your playing style and preferences.

Big Bass Bonanza slot

When playing Big Bass Bonanza in this mode, you can easily learn about the gameplay, graphics, soundtrack and bonus options of the game before realizing whether it is suitable to run the game for real money.

Big Bass Bonanza slot - game review by Pragmatic Play

You've been looking for a new online slot, to get a new dose of excitement, fun and win big? If so, we recommend you to check out the Big Bass Bonanza slot machine from Pragmatic Play. This is a machine with five reels, all have three rows and a total of 10 paylines. In addition to this, you will find various features here, including free spins and a Wild icon. On top of that, the maximum payout goes up to x2000 from the bet itself, so you'll be able to get great returns on your investment. It is worth taking a much more detailed look at all the benefits of the game. The first thing that immediately comes to mind about the software from developer Pragmatic Play is the huge potential payout. It reaches a maximum of x2000 from the bet, which leads to the possibility of earning significant funds free slots. An RTP (return to player) ratio of 96.6% means that the odds are on your side.

One of the most obvious benefits of playing Big Bass Bonanza slot from Pragmatic Play is the potential spins symbol payout. The maximum payout is x2000 of your bets, which gives you the chance to win some serious money. And with an RTP (return to player) of 96.6%, the odds will be in your favor when you play. Also worth mentioning in a number of advantages is the free spins round. When 3 or more Scatter icons fall out, which look like a caught fish on a hook, the transition to the start of free freespins will begin. During it you will get about 20 spins. In addition, all the winnings you get during this option are multiplied several times. So if you are lucky enough to break a big score during the round, your bankroll will be significantly increased.

Basic data slot machine

Big Bass Bonanza is a bright representative of the classic genre of machines. The process of the game will take place with the participation of five rotating reels, giving payouts on 10 lines. They are fixed, and from the side of the gambler can not adjust the active values before starting to a new round. The background is a whole world underwater. You will imagine yourself in the sea, swimming in the hunt for fish and trying to catch them. RTP Big Bass Bonanza has an above average RTP of 96.71%, which can say that players have a significant chance of winning. The slot has a high volatility, because of which the winnings are quite rare, but still large. The machine is designed for a long game, so have patience in watching the process of the game. The minimum you can bet 20 cents, and the maximum is 100 dollars. However, this range can be increased, it depends on the policy of the chosen online club. Nevertheless, it is enough to fully enjoy the process of playing the machine as a beginner and gamblers with extensive experience. The basic data is listed in the table below:

Name: Big Bass Bonanza Maximum winnings: x 2100
Provider: Pragmatic Play Number of Lines: 10 (fixed)
Release Date: 18.11.2021 Minimum bet 0.20 Euros
RTP: 96.71% Maximum bet 100 Euros
Volatility: High Additional features Wild, Scatter, Free Spins, Cascade mechanics, Bonus game

Big Bass Bonanza features

Graphics and sound design

Big Bass Bonanza is represented by the kind of software that seeks to breathe new life into classic slots by mixing their mechanics with other activities - in this case, fishing. Despite the fact that the icons on the reels have common icons with cards (K, Q, J, A and 10), there are also items dedicated to such activity as fishing: a box with fishing accessories, bait, rod and so on.

The main Wild icon is represented by a bearded fisherman, who is the main game character. The interface of the machine was designed specifically to place the reels underwater, and to place coral and algae on the sides of the screen so that columns of bubbles separate each reel. You can hear fun background music inspired by the song "Under The Sea" from the Disney movie "The Little Mermaid" in the background. Special pictograms and all bonus wins are accompanied by interesting animations that give the game some spice. Nevertheless, the sequel Big Bass Bonanza has a graphical update, and in general is presented with an improved version, because the original game has a nice visual style, when cartoonish is mixed with realism.


Pragmatic Play is an online gambling provider with a lot of experience, which is ready to offer everyone a large list of innovative, regulated and mobile-oriented gambling products. Its passion for creating high quality means of entertainment is simply boundless. The provider's customers can play the most exciting and memorable products, among which can be found slot machines, live casino and bingo, accessible through a single API. The game library from developer Pragmatic Play contains over 100 proven HTML5-based games with in-house production, which run in 31 languages and support all major currencies. Pragmatic Play releases at least 3 new video slots every month with plans to increase its production.

Slot Gameplay

The icons that can be encountered in this machine are found on the reels of the game. They are divided into cheap and expensive. Among them with small stakes you can notice the typical low-paying symbols A, K, Q, J and 10, which pay out up to 5,000 coins. Depending on how many identical pictures the combination contains, the payout for a line with them pays out up to 2,500 coins with a maximum bet. When entering the game will need to immediately select the size of the bet. To do this, you will need to apply the buttons located at the bottom of the screen itself. The bet can be adjusted from 0.10 to 250 tokens.

Theme and story

This stunning game takes you to a new underwater world from Pragmatic Play. It has a stunning color scheme and a background created in a blue tone. With a user-friendly UI, you can easily control the game itself. Also, don't forget about the cool soundtrack that will help you overcome the main challenges. The graphics here are of a high level, but at the same time the game will not lag and slow down. You will not have to install additional software, just go to the web browser to the right site and activate the internet. When looking for a machine with a nice visual component, it is best to pay attention to Big Bass Bonanza. It is great for both beginners and experienced users of gambling slots.

Game mechanics

Big Bass Bonanza will delight you with win-win tactics, because the fallout of pictograms here is completely random, which also says that the random results of spins. You will not be able to affect the outcome of spins reels using a special strategy, because everything ultimately comes down to the luck of the player. With the help of competent tactics you can only increase certain chances to win. Some gamblers who are not too lucky in gambling, want to learn how to cheat machines. However, to do this is simply impossible. There are no schemes and win-win tactics that will help you by cheating to get the right results, catching sequences and Scatter with every spin. There are no cheats and software to hack the game so that they tilt the result and raise the odds to get a winning game. Likewise, do not find bots that will tell gamblers at what point you need to make a large bet and wait for a big win. All this many people want to get as a reality, but it remains in the category of wishful thinking. Forget about dishonest methods of getting a win by focusing on picking a competent game.

Some visitors think they are experienced players with big IQs, presenting themselves to others as such and creating unworkable schemes to win at a slot machine, later selling them. They are scammers who try to reverse engineer common knowledge techniques that are available for free on the internet on the first sites you search. They are trying to capitalize on the trust of ordinary players who have not long ago started using gambling software. You do not need to buy into scams, using only proven tactics that can really help you win. Play with a long distance, take care of your bankroll and wait for the star hour when you get a significant score.

How to play Big Bass Bonanza

Experienced visitors are well aware of why they win more often and lose less often, trying to share with other newcomers this kind of information about the game Big Bass Bonanza:

  1. You need to play with minimum bets. It is worth starting with minimum bets, making about 100 spins. If you during this time did not manage to fall out a fat combination game or bonuska, then another 100 spins are made with an increase in the bet. Often it works and the bonus is activated at the beginning or middle of the second part.
  2. Bankroll is formed on ~200 spins. Statistics have some information, judging by which the bonus will fall once per 150-200 spins, so have enough money to make this number of spins.
  3. The game is used with turbo spins. This machine does not have a risk game and similar bonuses that require making a choice by the player and stop game. To save time, it is best to activate the automatic mode with the ability to stop it if desired to change the size of the beta.
  4. Use a variety of strategies and tactics. You need to realize that experimenting in the machine is very important in order to understand what works best for you. You don't have to do this by squandering your own capital. Do not forget to apply demo version of the slot machine fishing.
  5. Keep your emotions under control. No one guarantees that you will not get a black streak. If you realize that it has begun, and you have nothing falls out more than 100 spins, then stop and take a break from the game, or even stop the game session to continue it after a certain time. The same advice should be observed when getting a big score. Immediately win you are unlikely to succeed, but to lose everything, guided by his free slots gambling state - easy.

Big Bass Bonanza how to play

Basic rules

Big Bass Bonanza slot review has repeatedly confirmed on various portals that the game has a dozen paylines, three rows and five reels. The signs are large and juicy, which guarantees their significant difference and high readability. Every newcomer wants to mine them regardless of the casino chosen. To earn a sequence you need to match the displayed pictograms on three reels in a row, and if four or five signs fall out, you will earn even bigger winnings. There are also special signs, which will be discussed a little later in this review. When playing, you will notice the following information on your screen:

  • Current credit;
  • Current bet;
  • Automatic spins options;
  • List of Wild symbols (will appear and disappear);
  • Icons for sound, information, etc.
  • Big Bass Bonanza splash screen;
  • Big Bass Bonanza loading splash screen;
  • Automode.

If you decide to put Big Bass Bonanza into auto mode, you should choose in advance how many spins should be made before it ends. The on-screen counter shows the number of remaining spins. As it sometimes happens in slots, everything is displayed as simple and clear as possible, so that you can make it out even when playing from a small electronic device spins symbol.

The best slot slots show a general set of rules, while recommending that you use your own variations. Big Bass Bonanza is no exception - if you have experience playing modern machines, you can immediately understand the general game scheme, but here, nevertheless, there are unusual elements of free slots, some of which are worth describing separately. Below you can learn about the new pictograms and used bonuses Big Bass Bonanza.

Strategy and tactics

All gamblers have heard about the tactics of Martingale, is based on the principle of equal chance, so it is used in many gambling machines game. Its essence is to increase the size of the beta player after losing twice as long as he does not get the winnings. Winning is a multiplication of the bet with a factor of x2 or more. After the first wins have been obtained, the game feature cycle starts from the beginning when the first bet is reduced to the minimum value. Here the total bet amount depends on several parameters. There is a separate value of the number of coins and their face value multiplied by the number of activated lines. Here you will not be able to raise bet x2 so easily. There is no such step here, so the Martingale strategy does not work so well here.

Like the game tactics described above, there is also the famous Fibonacci approach, which is also called the golden ratio system. Its basis is to increase the bet after each bet by the sum of the past two bets. This is the principle of Fibonacci numbers. A win of x2.6 or more will be a win, and after receiving it, the bet is refused back spins symbol on two positions and starts all over again. For the same reasons, this tactic is also not suitable for the game, because the size of bets can not be put with the activated step under the dictation of the principle of this tactic. If you bet approximately, not exactly, you will get the corresponding result.

Antimartingale is also a well-known and often used tactic by gamblers with experience in various machines. This is a great one to use in Big Bass Bonanza. It consists of increasing the game bets in the event that you manage to win. If you lose, you go back to the beginning. In addition, when playing with Parlay tactics, you should determine the goal of the current session - the amount of winnings that you are satisfied with and will mark the return to the first stage. There are also certain sequences in Fishing that work on a multiplier of 0.5x and 1x, which you should also consider. This tactic is great for those who like to play the long game. It will give you a lot of bonuses and win the maximum amount of incentives.

The French mathematician unknowingly created an excellent platform for using the Pyramid strategy. It is based on the theory of equilibrium, and the point is to raise the beta equally up to the maximum spins symbol, which is the top of the pyramid. After you should lower the bet to its very first value. This tactic also does not work for Big Bass Bonanza machine due to the inability to make equal steps. The size of the bet in Fishing depends on the number of coins and their denomination, so the step between bets will almost always be different, and this is not exactly what you need to properly use the strategy Pyramid.

Symbols and payouts slot Big Bass Bonanza

Big Bass Bonanza is a slot machine in which each user can win a big prize. The maximum possible reward that you can get here will be 520 thousand dollars catch mobile. It has a huge popularity among gamblers, and for this there are the following reasons:

  • Huge chances to win the prize. This way players can win large sums of finances.
  • Easy to play. Just spin the spins symbol reel in hopes of getting winning icons.
  • The machine also has a significant return to player (RTP) percentage. This gives users more often win finances.
  • The machine is available in many casinos. Enter almost any casino portal and in its catalog is a high probability to find Big Bass Bonanza.
  • And it is worth finishing this list of wonderful and cute design. Bright colors and interesting protagonists make this slot one of the most attractive in the casino.

Low value symbols

Besides the high-paying icons in the form of fish, tackle box, fly and lucky, there are also lower paying pictures. Among them you will find A, K, Q, J and 10 and other low paying symbols. Big Bass Bonanza machine features an interesting base game and modern spins symbol features, thanks to which you can increase your winnings. Their list includes Wild and Scatter icons, as well as reel fish freespins.

Fishing tackle

When 3 to 5 identical icons fall on the reels and the line starts from the left reel, a prize combination is created. An exception to this list is the float icon, which can pay out even when two new splash tokens fall out. Such images have their own payout ratios:

  • Float - from $125 to $50,000;
  • Line - from $750 to $250,000;
  • The dragonfly and a box with gear - from $500 to $125,00;
  • Catch - from $250 to $5000;
  • A, K, Q, J, 10 - from $125 to $2500.

Special Wild, Scatter, Money Symbol

Special symbols have certain functions, the effect of which is strikingly different:

  • The fisherman is Wild. It can appear on the reels only during free spins, substituting for any signs except Scatter and adding signs to combos.
  • Fish - Scatter. Can fall on any reel, triggering the Free Spins option.
  • Fish - Money symbol. Each image is accompanied by random payouts.

Big Bass Bonanza symbols

Big Bass Bonanza bonus mode

Frispins will be triggered after three or more Scatter symbols appear on the same line. This guarantees gamblers will be awarded 10 or more free spins. When they are activated, a new Wild icon appears in the game, which is represented by the fisherman symbols. It replaces the standard offer right pictograms in the same way, which increases the chance of forming a winning sequence. Also Wild-symbol attracts finances when using green fish game.

Additional feature that awaits you during the free spins is the Wild icon. This token can form over the presented game field spins symbol. Now every sign that appears and displayed in the table is collected on this counter. The fourth Wild token collected on a line brings even more spins and multiplier on this scheme:

  • 4 Wilds give 10 free symbols with x2 multiplier;
  • 8 Wilds bring 10 freespins with x3 multiplier;
  • 12 Wilds give 10 freespins with x10 multiplier.

Big Bass Bonanza is not a bad slot machine that offers you a relaxing fishing experience. Spend fun and enjoy your time and get lots of cash rewards.

Big Bass demo

All the main action happens after the reel starts spinning (with five reels, three rows and a dozen active lines). Just hit three of the same value here and expect to win, of course it all depends on which symbol is caught. Try on the role of a real fisherman, so you need to study the machine in advance and professionally learn how to manage it. You can do everything manually or automate. Levels of bets vary, minimally you can bet 0.10 and a maximum of 250 $. RTP of this machine reaches the level of 96.71%, volatility is also high, and the maximum you can win in just one spin, which will bring you a multiplier of x2100 of the main bet.

Where to play Big Bass Bonanza for free

This is an interesting slot to play, which can be played literally every day. Feel like a real fisherman, have a great time maximizing your entertainment. The company takes care to make the game as exciting as possible, so that you can use any conditions gambling provider. Additionally, you can get cool prizes, which can be increased over time, receiving increased benefits. Good conditions for all visitors are also engaged. Setting up the slot machine is simple, adjusts to the selected parameters, so you can enjoy the process when it is convenient for you spins symbol. Getting winning figures is not so easy, but this is the only way that requires additional spins. Customers can get additional winnings when the random number generator is taken into account. Want to play with a lot of conveniences - properly customize the features at a certain level.

Big Bass Bonanza for real money

The gaming machine demonstrates various privileges, for example you can start earning good money with minimal investment. There is also an automatic game here, which starts on a single click on the button. To do this, you need to connect it with the help of the "auto" key. This will allow you to start a certain number of spins. Even more interesting will be the game when connecting bonuses. This process engages good sequences. When the rate reaches x2100, you can get a large number of payouts, and when using free spins, other freespins are canceled. When the reel spin feature is complete, you can move on to the main game format. To start Big Bass Bonanza slot machine with real payouts, create your online casino profile. Only when using your profile you can try out all the features, choosing the available payment system including values. You can do this with a demo account, activating the reels for free. This will remove some risk, but will give you to understand all the basics and mechanics of the slot machine, so that in the future you can make virtual betas as profitable as possible.

Big Bass Bonanza download slot

Most often to play Big Bass Bonanza will not even need to save a separate application or install certain software. At most online establishments, it is possible to play online 10x high from your browser to speed up the game process. If you want to play from your mobile device, there are certain steps to take:

  1. You need to open a web browser on your mobile device (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox).
  2. Then you need to go to the site, which will offer you a list of games from Pragmatic Play.
  3. Now you need to register or log in to your existing account.
  4. In the search bar you will need to enter the name of the game spins symbol and open it.
  5. Then you should select the demo mode to enjoy the game without downloading it.

There are casinos where you can play using a mobile app. It can be saved to your device from the official website or set real with Google Play or App Store apps, which depends on your OS. Thus will need to download install the app, then find and open Big Bass Bonanza inside the casino app.

Device type Operating system Browsers
PC / Laptop Windows Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari
macOS Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari
Smartphone Android Android Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Samsung Internet
iOS Safari, Google Chrome
Tablet Android Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Samsung Internet
iOS Safari, Google Chrome

Big Bass Bonanza download

Plus and minuses of the slot machine

The more popular the gameplay, the more pros can be found with the software. Among the main advantages of Big Bass Bonanza there are such:

  • Simple game rules.
  • The presence of a demo mode.
  • Modern design.
  • The Megaways technology.
  • Maximum winnings x 2100.
  • A wide range of available bets.
  • The presence of additional features.

These pluses can inform even a novice that game play is quite interesting/exciting. Among the minuses of the slot machine users note the lack of a fixed number of lines and accumulative jackpots.

Our opinion about the game

Big Bass Bonanza is often considered the best machine from the provider Pragmatic Play. The slot has simple rules and a small set of buttons, with which visitors can easily understand the intricacies of the game even if it is for beginners. In it you can get a significant amount of time make, all this while using a wide range of bets. It is also worth mentioning the generous additional features game, which add dynamics to the process. Anyone can use the demo mode of the slot to familiarize themselves with it. This way you will significantly increase the effectiveness of spins symbol subsequent game with real bets. Go to Big Bass Bonanza now, do not leave this machine without your attention.


Is Reel Kingdom or Pragmatic Play the slot provider?
The slot provider is Pragmatic Play, which released this machine on 18.11.2021.
Is Big Bass Bonanza slot suitable for beginners?
Yes, the machine as a whole has simple rules, and in addition, can launch a demo mode. It will allow you to study all the details before launching to lose as little money as possible.
Playing Big Bass Bonanza demo, can you learn all the rules of the game?
Yes, that is what it is designed for. When you understand all the features and sequences on the table, you can go back to the classic mode and start winning money spins symbol.
Are there many similar games on the theme of fishing?
No, it is quite a unique theme, so if you are a rabid fan of bonus fishing - welcome to Big Bass Bonanza right now.
How much can I win in Big Bass Bonanza slot machine?
Anyone can get the maximum spins symbol multiplier, it just depends on luck. It will be multiplied by your bet after you get a winning spin, allowing you to calculate a huge payout. The maximum win in Big Bass Bonanza slot will be - x2100.
How to install Big Bass Bonanza slot on your phone?
Of course, for this you need to download a special mobile application or authorise on the casino site through the browser. In both cases, you will get access to all the features of the site.
Can I play this machine without registration in an online casino?
Yes, many online venues provide training access to their range even without the need to register a personal profile. This will give you excellent preparation for subsequent spinning when using finances.

Player feedback

Monika / 11.05.2023 / star icon5
I am pleased with the high level of RTP spins symbol, the same directly demonstrates the chance to win. There is also an indicator of volatility, which is also important. It shows whether there will be small but frequent wins, or rare but big jackpots. Don't forget about using promo codes and participating in promotional offers, this is the best way to increase your bankroll for free.
Billy / 25.05.2023 / star icon5
When entering a gambling site, the first thing I look at the list of machines in the catalogue game. This is important, and immediately shows with which of the well-known fish feature companies-developers administration co-operates. I prefer to use Vavada and Pin-up, in my opinion the most adequate platform, which at the same time give a bunch of incentives and bonuses.